Store Policies



·          Layaway's are always welcomed with the following conditions.

·          I agree to make 5 (five) monthly payments in equal amounts of $____________________________________

·          Completed layaways are not returnable or exchangeable.

·          Item is returned to stock if regular monthly payments are not received. We will attempt to contact the purchaser to remind them of this before returning the item to stock.

·          Delinquent items will be returned to stock and the purchaser will forfeit a 20% restocking fee. The remaining balance will be carried as an in-store credit only unless prior arrangements are made.

·          Alterations on layaways will be done after final payment and notification from the customer that work is to be done.

Purchaser's signature_________________________________________________________ Date_______________

Seller’s signature__________________________________________________________­­___ Date_______________


·         A 50% deposit is required before item will be ordered.

·         Items may not be returned or exchanged.

·         No special ordered items can be put on layaway.


·          Bella Jule Fine Jewelry will gladly accept returns or exchanges on any stock items providing it is in new condition and has been purchased within the last 30 (thirty) days.

·          All returns must be accompanied by the original receipt, instructions, warranty, and box. The item must be unused and unworn.

·          Returns, exchanges, or credits will not be permitted on altered or custom items, sale items, or items designated under “as is" or "final" types of sales. This includes rings that have been sized and/or worn.

·          Credit or refund will be issued in accordance with the original method of payment. Refunds will only be issued to the original purchaser.

·          Bella Jule Fine Jewelry is not responsible for altered gemstones left for repair or other work so requested. This includes, but is not limited to, diamonds or false stamping on metal goods which may be mismarked. We will not be responsible for any article left for more than 60 days.

I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions. I agree that the approximate values and description of the items listed above are correct, and I accept the terms conditions as written above. This store, including its employees, accepts no responsibility for condition or identification of jewelry or stones upon receipt. Items are submitted to this store for repair only and we will not act as an insurer of the items listed above. Responsibility for loss, theft, or damage, is accepted by us only when due to our negligence. Any damage or loss due to this store's negligence will be limited to the cost to repair or replace the items and will not exceed the value declared above. Should no value be listed, it will be assumed the value is less than $75.00.

Customer's signature_________________________________________________________ Date_______________

I have received and inspected the listed article(s). The work performed is to my satisfaction and the article(s) are in good order.

Customer’s signature_________________________________________________________ Date_______________