Full Service Repair Department

We repair 99% of all your jewelry right in house in our state of the art repair shop. We work with Platinum, all Gold types and colors, and Silver. We carry a large selection of diamonds in every shape and size, as well as many colored gemstones. We also carry many jewelry findings in stock to help get the job done, and in cases where we do not have the item in stock, it can be ordered for next day delivery at no extra charge to you.

Most repairs take approximately a week to complete and will be scheduled for 7 days from the date we put your repair in the system.

We do offer an express service which gets your repair done in 24 hours for an additional charge. This can be done with most simple or routine repairs. Repair work that requires parts or additional services may not qualify for express service.

As always cleaning, polishing and inspections are free of charge. Sometimes during the cleaning process small gemstones loosen up or fall out in the ultra-sonic cleaner. Minor Adjustments and Stone Tightening or re-setting may be subject to a minimum $12.00 fee. The jewelry item may need to be taken in to have completed.



  • Watchband Links Removed

  • Watch Overhauls Or New Movements

  • Chain Repairs

  • Convert Pierced Earrings To Clips

  • Engraving

  • Eyeglass Repair

  • Bead Restringing

  • Clean & Polish Rings While You Wait

  • Repair Jewelry

  • Rhodium Plate

  • Ring Guards (Temporary Fix)

  • Ring Sizing

  • Soldering Rings Together

  • Watch Batteries

  • Crystal, Stem, Crown repairs


Here at Bella Jule we use the LASER technology to preform the most complex repairs with the least amount of damaging heat to your delicate jewelry. We have 2 machines in house and are able to preform tasks from welding breaks in metal next to Emeralds all the way to repairing Metal Eyeglass Frames.

LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation” which produces a sharp, focused light beam that melts a very small area of metal. The benefit of this technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point, allowing users to easily weld 0,05mm (.002”) away from the most complicated and intricate component parts without damaging heat sensitive materials.